When is it possible to get a discount?

We individually negotiate rates with Clients who guarantee a predefined number of pages per month.
It is also possible to obtain a discount after signing an agreement on translation services.

Can I get a discount if I send support materials?

Naturally! Should these materials contain fragments to copy, paste, and verify with the original, the cost of this part of the text will be appropriately decreased. The same principle applies to translating subsequent versions of a document or updating one.

Can I contribute to a sooner completion of the ordered translation?

Of course! If we know in advance that our Client intends to send us a text for translation we are able to organise our work better and prepare the translator or translators who will be working on the document.

What is the shortest possible time of preparing a translation?

Unfortunately it is impossible to define a specific rate of completion for varying translations. The deadlines are established with the Clients individually for each project or series of projects, depending on the situation. We are able to prepare for a very short deadline, if advised of it in advance. We are always flexible in our approach to our Clients’ needs. Short texts are translated within the day, on a receive-translate-resend basis. If necessary, we are ready to work overnight or during weekends.

What is your guarantee of confidentiality?

We sign non-disclosure agreements with all our translators. Upon request, we also sign such agreements with our Clients. However, even without such an agreement we apply the principles of ethics and good practice of our profession and treat all information and documents sent to us as confidential.

What are the formal requirements for commissioning a translation project?

None, actually. All you need to do is send an e-mail with the order and your details for the invoice. After the translation is completed, the finished text is sent to the Client, followed by the invoice.

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