Speed of order execution

Deadlines for translations are always agreed with the Clients depending on their particular needs. Our approach is flexible enough to meet even the strictest deadlines. If necessary, we provide short translations on a receive-translate-resend basis, without charging an urgency fee.
At the request of the client, we are ready to make a price and deadline estimation free of charge and immediately upon receiving an enquiry.

Types of translations

Our services include full scope of written translations, both regular and sworn. Our sworn translators reside in Cracow and Warsaw.
Documents are collected by a courier, and the cost of the courier service is covered by us.


We provide specialist translations (covering the disciplines listed above) in the English-Polish and Polish-English language pairs. We also provide translations of general-knowledge texts and sworn translations in other European languages.

Specialist translations

Our agency offers translation services covering specialist texts in the following disciplines: law, finance, accounting, insurance, logistics, marketing, PR, HR, telecommunications, IT, and similar areas. We also perform technology-related and medical translations. We translate corporate documents, including documents concerning business activities, court and arbitration proceedings, marketing and environmental protection. In addition, our translation services cover a wide range of analyses, estimates, due diligence documents, as well as documents related to stock exchange, capital markets, etc.
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High quality warranty

Business Lingo applies strict quality policies, and quality control is one of the key elements of our work. We have implemented the ISO 17100:2015 quality management standard (quality management in translation agencies). This was confirmed during a certification audit which was carried out in July 2011, and since then has been confirmed through an annual recertification audit.

In accordance with the standard, upon completion, the translation is subjected to a two-stage proofreading process comprising verification of the conformity of the translation with the original, and its redaction by a native speaker of the target language.
Such thorough quality control ensures that our translations are faithful to the original, consistent and linguistically correct as well as appropriate in terms of style and register.


We provide our services at Business Lingo in an atmosphere of mutual trust and comfort of cooperation between us and our Clients. We understand how important confidentiality is, and therefore we treat all materials and information delivered to us by the Clients as confidential. At a Client’s request we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement. Signing a confidentiality agreement is also a standard requirement for all our translators.


Our regular Clients are offered a possibility to sign an agreement on cooperation with Business Lingo. However, this is not an exclusivity agreement, and thus, it does not oblige you to place your orders exclusively with us. Its purpose is rather to offer our clients a slew of additional benefits: rebates, promotions, simplified service, and a number of additional benefits.

Free-of-charge services